Anti-Viral and Anti-Microbial application is an extreme technology that protects textile products from some types of viruses and microorganisms and provides that your clothing is always fresh and clean. With this technology, a protective micro layer is created on the textile surface. This shield is adhered to the textile surface with very strong molecular bonds; does not move away from textile by washing or physical contact. When viruses or microbes come into contact with this surface, this layer destroy almost all viruses and microbes and becomes ineffective.
Neutron is Anti-Viral Fabric and Garment brand of Ebruzen Tekstil.
Our antiviral fabrics were tested with Covid19 according to EN18184 standards (the standard used to measure antiviral activity on textiles in the world). As a result we have obtained the conclusion that our fabric eliminates and destroy all Covid19 on it at the rate of 99.99% within the first 2 hours in accordance with the EN18184 standard. All people have walked into this process with brave and hardworking scientists of Turkey. We are very happy to share this news with the world. Other important thing is; The chemicals we used have a "Biocidal Product License", that is, they are licensed that they are not harmful to human health.
  • It destroys more than 99,99% Covid19 within 2 hours.
  • It destroys harmful bacteria, fungi, mold, yeast and mites. Thus, it protects the freshness of the textile product everytime.
  • The textile product does not have a negative effect on rubbing fastness and light fastness.
  • It does not move away from the textile surface by repeated washes. The antiviral and antimicrobial effect lasts more than 100 washings.
  • It is odorless and colorless; improves the attitude of most textile surfaces.
  • It complies with the European Biocidal Products Regulation.
  • It is compatible with Oeko-Tex 100 Standards.
You can contact us for all your Anti-Viral Anti-Microbial fabric requests. We have fabrics and clothing options for every sector or daily use. Anti-Viral versions of all workwear and fabrics you can find under our "Workwear" and "Technical Fabrics" site titles can be produced. We can also produce new Anti-Microbial fabric or workwear according to the special design and design demands of our customers as in every product title.
Our Anti-Viral Fabrics complies with EN 18184 standard with using Covid19 virus.
To download our brochure about anti-viral textile, please click here.
Our Anti-Microbial Fabrics complies with ASTM E2149-13 standard with using E-Coli bacteries.
You can contact us for detailed information about our Anti-Viral or Anti-Microbial products and fabrics by our expert textile engineers.
You can contact us for all your Anti-Microbial & Anti-Bacterial fabric and garment requests.
All of our Anti-Microbial Fabric and Workwear are compliant with ASTM E2149-13 standards.
Ebruzen Tekstil is manufacturer of Anti-Microbial & Anti-Bacterial & Antistatic & ESD & Flame Retardant 
Fabrics, Antistatic & ESD &  Flame Retardant Garments, and the textile company that provides
technical textile solutions according to the functional needs of customers.

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