Flame Reterdant Knitted

Fabric Code


Fabric Type FR Knitted & Interlock
Composition %50 MetaAramid %49 ViscoseFR %1 Antistatic
Color Options All colors available
Conductive Lines Homogenously blended
Weight 300 gr/m2
Width 160 cm
Certificates EN ISO 11612 : A1 - A2 - B1 - C1 - F1


Fire and Flame Reterdant Knitted Interlock Fabric which made from Meta Aramid, FR Viscose and conductive Carbon blended yarns. 
All of our Fire and Flame Reterdant Fabrics are suitable to EN ISO 11612 related test standards
The test standards available to the fabric can be found in the "CERTIFICATED STANDARDS" section below. Please contact us for the test reports of the standards.
Products that you can produce using with EBRRK009 Fire and Flame Reterdant Knitted Fabric
  • Fire and Flame Reterdant Sweatshirts
  • Fire and Flame Reterdant Underwears
  • Fire and Flame Reterdant Robot Covers
  • Standart Colors Available
  • Water and Liquid repellency application available
  • Can be re-design depending on your needs
If you have a request for a different Fire and Flame Reterdant Fabrics that you cannot find in this section, you can check all our antistatic functional fabrics under the heading "Technical Fabrics" or contact us.
If you can not find the features you demand among our fabric options, we can develop and produce new Fire and Flame Reterdant Fabrics depending on your specific needs.
We produce all our products under the roof of our company under high quality standards and warranty.
Made in Turkey 



EN ISO 1149-3
Electrostatic properties of Protective clothing
Test method for measurement of charge decay

t50 < 4 s or S > 0,2 values

EN ISO 1149-5
Electrostatic properties of Protective clothing
Material performance and design requirements

t50 < 4 s or S > 0,2 values; or surface

resistance is ≤ 2,5x109 ohm

EN ISO 15025
Protection against heat and flame - Methods of test for limited flame spread

A1 & A2

EN ISO 9151

 Methods of test for convective heat transmission


EN ISO 6942

 Methods of test for heat transfer - Radience


EN ISO 12127-1

 Methods of test for contact heat transmission


EN ISO 17493

 Methods of test for convective heat resistance


EN ISO 5077
 Methods of test for dimensional change
For woven fabrics %±3
For knitted fabrics %±5
EN ISO 13938-1
Methods of test for determination of bursting strength and bursting distension
50 cm2 için: ≥ 100 kPa
7,3 cm2 için: ≥ 200 kPa

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